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Thanks for stopping by. Either you’re a curious cat and just surfing the web, or your interested in whats going on around Cornerstone.  I have a few questions for you since your here.

Ok be honest now!  Are you wanting to lose weight? Are you wanting to learn how to eat healthier? Are you wanting to tone or add muscle? Lemme guess….. you are tired all the time, have no energy and your kids are driving you batty? Yep, I guessed it! No worries, those are all things that can be solved.

 Do you have information overload about lousy products, vitamins, supplements and fad diets.  Welcome! You are in good hands.  Here at Cornerstone we want to help you stay away from yo-yo dieting, and make a lifestyle change that will last forever. I bet you will find what you’re looking for here. If no,t and your just needing a shoe shopping buddy, well…. I can do that too!  Thanks for stopping by and let me know how I can help you.


Are you looking to become healthier and balanced for 2014 but want to do it God’s way? This study will pull back the curtains on some interesting topics and facts concerning cleansing, vitamins, nutrition, exercise, and balancing it ALL. Even if you are currently exercising and eating healthy, you will learn something new! You will be shocked at some interesting statistics from 2013. Join me for 6 weeks beginning Monday February 3rd, from 7-9 at Chets Creek Church. Childcare is provided. See you there!

Register here:  http://chetscreek.com/womens-bible-studies/